Region 4 – Southeast

Region 4 Forecast : Southeast | November 2015 – October 2016

SUMMARY: Winter will be colder and rainier than normal, with below-normal snowfall. The coldest period will be in mid-January, with other cold spells in early to mid- and late December, most of January, and early February. The snowiest periods will be in mid- to late December and early February, with icy periods in early and late January.

April and May will be slightly cooler than normal, with near-normal rainfall.

Summer will be cooler than normal, with the hottest period in mid-August, and rainier than normal. The greatest hurricane threats will be in early to mid-July and mid- to late September. The greatest threat of tropical storms will be in mid-August.

September and October will be much warmer than normal, with rainfall above normal in the north and below in the south.


NOV. 2015: Temp. 53° (2° below avg.); precip. 1.5” (1.5” below avg.) – 1st–2nd: Sunny, cool. 3rd–7th: Rainy periods, mild. 8th–15th: Scattered showers, cool. 16th–19th: Sunny, cold. 20th–27th: Showers, then sunny, warm. 28th–30th: Showers, cool.

DEC. 2015: Temp. 48° (avg. north, 2° above south); precip. 4.5” (1” above avg.) – 1st–4th: Sunny, turning mild. 5th–11th: Showers, then sunny, cold. 12th–16th: Rainy periods, mild. 17th–21st: Sunny, cool. 22nd–27th: Rain to snow, then sunny, cold. 28th–31st: Rain, then sunny, cold.

JAN. 2016: Temp. 41.5° (3° below avg. north, avg. south); precip. 5” (0.5” above avg.) – 1st–6th: Ice north, rain south, then sunny, mild. 7th–14th: Rain, then sunny, very cold. 15th–22nd: Rain, then sunny, cold. 23th–26th: Rain, then sunny, very cold. 27th–31st: Ice to rain north, rainy periods south.

FEB. 2016: Temp. 47° (1° above avg.); precip. 6” (2” above avg.) – 1st–4th: Rain, then sunny, cold. 5th–9th: Rain to snow, then sunny, cold. 10th–15th: Rain arriving, mild. 16th–18th: Sunny. 19th–24th: Rainy periods, mild. 25th–29th: Sunny, cold.

MAR. 2016: Temp. 52° (3° below avg.); precip. 4” (0.5” below avg.) – 1st–4th: Showers, chilly. 5th–8th: Sunny, warm. 9th–14th: Sunny, cool. 15th–21st: Rain to snow, then sunny, cold. 22nd–31st: Rainy periods, cool.

APR. 2016: Temp. 62° (1° below avg.); precip. 2.5” (0.5” below avg.) – 1st–13th: Sunny, nice. 14th–18th: T-storms, then sunny, cool. 19th–25th: A few t-storms, cool. 26th–30th: Sunny, turning warm.

MAY 2016: Temp. 71° (avg.); precip. 4” (0.5” above avg.) – 1st–9th: A few t-storms, cool. 10th–13th: Sunny, warm. 14th–20th: Scattered t-storms, warm. 21st–24th: T-storms, then sunny, cool. 25th–31st: Sunny, turning hot.

JUNE 2016: Temp. 78° (avg.); precip. 5” (0.5” above avg.). 1st–4th: Sunny, cool north; t-storms south. 5th–12th: A few t-storms; turning cool north, hot south. 13th–19th: Scattered t-storms. 20th–27th: T-storms, then sunny, cool. 28th–30th: Tropical storm threat.

JULY 2016: Temp. 81° (1° below avg.); precip. 5.5” (1” above avg.) – 1st–4th: A few t-storms. 5th–7th: Sunny inland, hurricane threat coast. 8th–12th: Sunny north, t-storms south. 13th–21st: A few t-storms, cool. 22nd–31st: P.M. t-storms, warm.

AUG. 2016: Temp. 79° (1° below avg.); precip. 7” (2” above avg.) – 1st–7th: Sunny, cool. 8th–11th: Tropical storm threat. 12th–14th: Sunny, hot. 15th–17th: T-storms. 18th–20th: Tropical storm threat. 21st–31st: Isolated t-storms, warm.

SEPT. 2016: Temp. 76° (2° above avg.); precip. 4” (2” above avg. north, 3” below south) – 1st–5th: Sunny, then t-storms, warm. 6th–9th: Sunny, nice. 10th–15th: Scattered t-storms, warm. 16th–22nd: Sunny, warm. 23rd–25th: Hurricane threat. 26th–30th: Sunny, warm.

OCT. 2016: Temp. 68° (4° above avg.); precip. 5” (1” above avg.) – 1st–6th: Rain, then sunny, cool. 7th–17th: A few t-storms, warm. 18th–22nd: Sunny, warm. 23rd–26th: Showers, quite warm. 27th–31st: T-storms, then sunny, cool.