Month: December 2015

An Epic 2016 Hurricane Season in the Making [Video]

Dear Weater Enthusiast,

This video below is discussing how our year-ahead global forecasts will impact you in 2016. An Epic 2016 Hurricane Season in the Making highlights all of the climate indices and statistics that are aligning to set the stage for a very active and destructive 2016 hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin with several land-falling hurricane threats for the U.S. And we think you’ll really like the epic battle at the end between Humans vs Mother Nature…you probably won’t like the score board when Mother Nature is done.


Captain’s Log: Star Date 16 December 2015 Wednesday

Santa will be delivering Christmas gifts in shorts and flip flops in the East with record shattering warm weather the 24-27 period. 72F Christmas Eve is a real possibility in the New York metro area and that’s 30+ degrees above average! If the temperatures don’t go below average this Saturday, every day in December will tend above average for many areas around the New York City area.

The same strong El Nino pattern continues with the West the cold spot. Up in the Northwest it’s the coldest in a few years and 4th coldest in 25+ years. Down in the Southwest it’s the coldest in 6 years.

Rainfall is going to be near record shattering as well for the nation as a whole with precipitation the most in 25+ years and +278% above average. A widespread area of 1″ to 2″ amounts from East Texas to Michigan and most points East except Florida. Even a few pockets of 4″ amounts in Central IL-IN and in Northern PA – Southern NY. The entire West Coast will get rain in the lower elevations from Arizona to Washington with 0.50″ to 1.5″ amounts. Even LA looks to get a half inch of rain over the 24-27 period.

Snowfall remains heavy for the balance of December in the West with maybe something for the Upper Plains and Midwest the 23rd and again the 26th-27th. Good chance every ski resort in the East will be a long way off from opening. Here in Pennsylvania and points South they’ll be lucky to be fully open by middle January!

We hope you had a great Wednesday folks…only 8 days 7 hours and 30 minutes until Christmas. YIKES…need to get going on my gifts…thankfully the Christmas cards are in the mail. 🙂 – Capt Kirk out.