Month: November 2015

Captain’s Log: Tuesday 3 November 2015 ELECTION DAY!

Happy Voting Day in the U.S. Vote for the lesser of the two evils. ha

No weather excuses for not voting as we bask in near record warmth in the Eastern 2/3rds of the U.S. and the warmest voting day in 12 years. Rainfall is limited to the coastal Carolina’s and the mountains of the West. The worst weather is Nevada where temperatures are the coldest in 14 years with snow showers throughout the desert.

The first cyclone in decades with hurricane force winds made landfall in Central Coastal Yemen to the south of Al Mukalla and right through Balhaf with 4-6″ of rain – twice as much as they get in a year. There is also very heavy rainfall of 2-3″ in Syria. The wet spots globally this week are going to be Central Texas with another 2-3″, North Carolina 2″ and the Pacific Northwest with 2″. It’s also extremely wet in the El Nino area near the equator (0N-10N and 90W – 110W) where 12″+ rainfall is likely.

The world cold spots this week are in Greenland, Siberia, Southeast Africa, Central Argentina and Southern Brazil. The rest of us pretty warm…thank you El Nino!!! Don’t forget that El Nino’s this strong usually bring a warm planet so don’t buy into the hype this is climate change – let’s talk this time next year when the planet heads into frigid conditions with a moderate to strong LA NINA!!! Yes, we’re forecasting an epic cold and snowy winter next year 2016-2017 across most of the Northern Hemisphere, this year very warm for most of us.

The worlds snowy spots this week are Western Russia, Northeast Canada and coastal British Columbia Canada.

Next week it gets very wet from Sacramento California to Seattle Washington with another 2-5″. For those that predicted this region would be DRY this Fall and Winter – that’s not going to happen and our forecasts suggests the entire West Coast will have a wet Fall and Winter into Spring…again Thank you record El Nino and much weaker “Blob” off the Northwest Coast. The U.S. remains warm with the few slightly cold spots limited to the central Rocky Mountains and in the Southeast.

The snowy spots next week into mid- November remain in the Northwest Mountains and Northern Rocky Mountains but especially British Columbia that gets plastered with mountain snow. Western Russia/Moscow remain snowy as well as the Himalayas and extreme Northeast China. Most of Siberia actually gets very warm with temperatures 10-15F above average. The cold spots for the 2nd week of November are Alaska and Japan.

Joke of the day: What do you mean I’m not registered to vote??? I vote every week? Sorry miss, American Idol doesn’t count. 🙂 For our older fans how about this one. Uncle Frank voted for a conservative every year until the day he died…since then…he has voted democrat. 😉 Must be from and buried in Chicago. ha ha ha OK one more from Washington D.C. We don’t always rig elections, but when we do more than 140% of people come out to vote. Dooohhhhh.

Captain’s Log: Monday 2 November 2015

Welcome to November!

THIS WEEK (2-8 Nov): We’re off to a record warm start to the month with the week overall trending the warmest in 25+ years and wettest in 9 years for the U.S. as a whole (national temps trending +6.8F above normal). The really hot spots are from Minnesota to Louisiana and points North and East where temperature are trending +10F to +15F above normal. The cool spots are from California to Montana where it’s -1F to -5F below normal. Eureka!!! It’s raining in north central California with 1.0″ to 1.5″ of rain early this week from San Francisco CA to Reno NV. This is also bringing heavy snow to the Sierras where 8-12″+ is likely. Snow is also likely in the mountains of Idaho, Western Wyoming, Montana and Colorado. Further East it will be very soggy in rain soaked areas from San Antonio Texas to Raleigh, NC with 1.5″-3.0″ of rain this week. The windy spot will be the Central U.S. midweek. The best weather in the country is probably from Wash DC to Boston where temperatures are much above normal, dry and not much wind…enjoy it while it lasts.

NEXT WEEK (9-15 Nov): Another mild week trending the warmest in 6 years with national temps +2.8F above normal and the wettest in 6 years but still below average national rainfall. It remains mild, but not quite as extreme as this week with +3F to +10F warm anomalies from the Pacific Northwest through the Northern half of the U.S. The cool spots are limited from Arizona to Western Colorado and the Southeast. Heavy snow is again likely in the Mountains of the Northwest and Northern Rocky Mountains at high elevations.

Overall November is coming in like a cute puppy compared to last year’s epic cold and snow. The first 15 days for the U.S. trend the warmest in 25+ years, very likely 120 years compared to last year that trended the coldest in 19 years and snowiest in 14 years.

The biggest weather event globally is Major Cyclone Chapala likely to make landfall around Bi’r Ali in Central Yemen today as a category 2 – strongest they’ve seen in decades. Winds are currently sustained at 121mph gusting to 150mph but those should weaken just a bit before landfall. Flooding rain and winds will be an event they rarely see in a life time.